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About Green Health Medical Solutions

Green Health Medical Solutions is a group of highly trained physicians and medical personal, who utilize medical marijuana to provide compassionate and comprehensive care to those individuals with chronic medical condition that have been poorly controlled with traditional
pharmacological interventions. It is an interdisciplinary group that hold the confidentiality of our patients to the highest standard .

Our doctor are Ohio board certified physicians with added qualification certifying them to recommend medical marijuana. Unfortunately, not all doctors are able, or willing, to recommend medical marijuana to patients in Ohio.

How To Get Approved For An Ohio Medical Marijuana Card:

If you are living with a qualifying condition then you'll need to schedule an appointment with one of our certified medical marijuana doctor to obtain your Ohio marijuana card. At the appointment, you and the doctor will discuss your medical condition(s) and treatment history. It is helpful for the doctor if you can up load all relevant medical records into our patient portal or bring hard copies in that document your qualifying condition before or at the time of your visit. Having access to your medical records during the appointment will significantly increase the likelihood of receiving a recommendation from the doctor. Our doctors will not diagnosis medical conditions.

Assuming the doctor is able to confirm your qualifying condition, you will be registered with the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.  You will need a government issued photo ID and a valid email address for this registration.  The email address will be used to email registrant information needed to activate the card. To active the card a $50 registration fee to the Board of Pharmacy must be submitted.  After your submission, you will receive your Ohio medical marijuana card in the mail (or via email).


Is Medical Marijuana Legal In Ohio?
With the overwhelming evidence supporting medical marijuana's potential to improve the qualify of life for Ohio residents, state lawmakers passed House Bill 523 in the summer of 2016. The passage of this law made medical marijuana legal everywhere across the great State of Ohio, and it established the rules governing the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (OOMCP). 

What Conditions Qualify For A Medical Marijuana Card In Ohio?
The Ohio Medical Board has approved the use of medical marijuana to help treat and alleviate the symptoms associated with a variety of medical conditions and ailments. In total, there are currently 21 conditions eligible for treatment with medical marijuana, and the State Medical Board is currently considering adding anxiety and autism spectrum disorder as qualifying conditions in Ohio's medical marijuana program. Final decisions for anxiety and autism are expected to be made on June 12, 2019.

What Is An Ohio Medical Marijuana Card?
An Ohio medical marijuana card is simply the patient identification card that you will receive from the State Board of Pharmacy once you've been registered as a medical marijuana patient in the state of Ohio. With your card in hand, you'll have all of the legal rights and benefits granted to patients under the State's medical marijuana laws. An Ohio medical marijuana card provides you with the following benefits:

  • Ohio Marijuana Dispensary Access

    • '​​​With your Ohio medical marijuana card in hand, you'll be able to access dispensaries located throughout the state and purchase medical marijuana. These state-licensed marijuana dispensaries will carry many forms of medical marijuana in varying strengths and potency. You will be able to buy products such as tinctures, oils, creams, dry flower and plant material for vaporizers, and edibles.

  • Legal Protection With Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

    • Your Ohio Marijuana Card makes it easy for you to demonstrate to law enforcement that you are registered with Ohio's Medical Marijuana Control Program, and thereby allowed to possess, transport, and consume medical marijuana products.​

  • Access To Other State Medical Marijuana Programs (Reciprocity)

    • ​In the near future, you might be able to use your Ohio medical marijuana card in other states that have their own medical marijuana programs. This will depend on the Board of Pharmacy's ability to establish reciprocity agreements with other states, in which out-of-state dispensaries would accept Ohio patients, and Ohio dispensaries would accept out-of-state patients. There should be more news about whether an agreement like this is put in place in the near future. We will keep you posted via our newsletter.


Alzheimer's Disease
Chronic Pain
Crohn’s Disease

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Epilepsy (seizures)

Hepatitis C
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Multiple Sclerosis

Parkinson’s Disease

Sickle Cell Anemia
Spinal Cord Injury
Tourette Syndrome
Traumatic Brain Injury
Ulcerative Colitis

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