• Dr. Richard Goldfarb

Ask the Doctor: Should I get a medical marijuana card?

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Q: I have a chronic medical condition which is not completely treated with standard medication.  It is one of the diagnoses that would allow me a medical marijuana card.  Should I get an Ohio medical marijuana card?

Dr. Richard Goldfarb answers:

A: My advice would be if you are in pain, and your medical problem is not being resolved completely, I would recommend starting on CBD oil or pills prior to getting your Ohio medical marijuana card. CBD is available over-the-counter at Kroger as well as other locations. I understand the Kroger CBD is very well regulated and validated. If this is helpful, you have saved yourself a lot of money.  

The cost of medical marijuana includes the $200 for the recommendation, $50 for the application. The cost of the actual product is quite high at this time. Hopefully in the future the price will come down.

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