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One Size Fits All?

By Anthony J. Suchoski, MD

Many products are sold with the phrase “one size fits all”. Unfortunately medical marijuana is not in this category.

Not everyone’s treatment plan will be the same. Your friend takes a particular medication so you ask, “Will this work for me?” Probably not. Why is this? There is an assortment of different answers.

We all have differing ages, therefore medication is processed in a different way. Specific conditions require a different plant species than others to achieve treatment. For example, if we need to be more alert, a lower CBD content may be preferred.

When starting a medical marijuana treatment plan, talk to your certified provider for their recommendation so they can let the physician know your needs.

Typically, starting on a low dose three times a day and increasing every third day is used to help alleviate discomfort. Keep a journal to record how you do on the medical marijuana and be aware of the dosage and side effects. Show this to you provider to help adjust and find the proper dosage to treat your condition. Your physician who is certified to recommend medical marijuana will work with you to get the best results.

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