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Viruses and Medical Marijuana

By Anthony J. Suchoski, MD

Wait a minute. What do viruses have to do with medical marijuana?

Well, medical marijuana in Ohio is recommended for certain state-approved chronic medical conditions.

The common factor is the immune system. So how can you you help your immune system?

Just like dealing with chronic medical conditions and viruses, the weaker the immune system, the harder it is for the body to fight back.

Start out by getting enough rest. Aim for eight hours a night with no electronics or interruptions.

Next, strive to get proper nutrition. This will ensure that the body can use the nutrients needed to nourish the immune system.

The next step is exercise. Use the body and do what you can. If you can walk, do so. If you have to sit and be fit, fine. Just move. This will help blood flow.

Meditation or being in the right state of mind is crucial to put you in the necessary attitude with what is going on and put things in perspective.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle will help your immune system strong.

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